Civil Litigation

In the field of civil law, we provide a wide range of legal assistance - from drafting of powers of attorney to representation in court in both local (national) and transnational civil disputes.

We have extensive experience in drafting various types of legal documents and taking part in negotiations on the wording of such legal documents. We draft contracts on the purchase or sale of movable and immovable property, gift agreements, marriage agreements, share transfer agreements, loan agreements, wills, powers of attorney and other types of legal documents, in which we always try to include mechanisms for the protection of the client's rights and legitimate interests in cases where the other party to a contract would perform their obligations under the contract in bad faith; we maintain a fair balance of interests between the parties of contract.

When negotiating the texts of legal documents, our goal is to ensure that the agreement concluded is the most advantageous to the client's interests. In negotiating the wording of legal documents, our objective is to maintain a constructive dialogue with the other parties, by providing reasoned objections to certain provisions of an agreement, and by providing arguments as to why our proposed amendments to an agreement are necessary, and by responding, in good faith, to arguments of the other parties.

We provide legal assistance and representation in court in divorce cases, in cases where there is a dispute regarding the communication arrangements with a child, in matters of custody, in cases arising from insurance law, in cases concerning liability arising from contractual and non-contractual relations.

We also provide legal assistance and representation in transnational court proceedings in which at least one of the participants is from another EU Member State / third country - for example, an insurance company established in another country, legal entity, a citizen of another country etc.

Your trust in the office and its attorneys and lawyers is the cornerstone of professional legal assistance, so we strictly respect the confidentiality between the attorney and the client, we highly respect you and your time.